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10 tips for keeping your bladder healthy

Most people simply ignore their bladder until they experience problems getting to the toilet.
Unfortunately, bladder problems can be very difficult to deal with and are not always simple to resolve.
Just a few lifestyle changes can significantly improve your bladder health. Here are 10 tips for
maintaining the health of your bladder.

  1. Do Kegels and workout regularly
    Kegels are a great way to strengthen the bladder. These exercises work to improve the pelvic floor
    muscles, which are responsible for holding urine in your bladder. And the proactive strategy to
    maintain total body wellness is through physical activity. Regular blood-flowing workouts will not only
    help you keep a healthy weight and prevent constipation, but they will also improve bladder function.
  2. Hydrate yourself
    Numerous body processes depend on water, but your bladder benefits most from it. This is because
    drinking plenty of water helps to avoid bladder and kidney stones by flushing bacteria out of the
    urinary tract. You should try to consume at least 6 to 8 glasses of water each day, except if your
    doctor has prescribed something different.
  3. Take a bladder break
    A perfectly hydrated person shouldn’t go longer than 3 to 4 hours without urinating. Long-term holding
    of urine strains the bladder muscles and increases the risk of bladder infections.
  4. Go to the bathroom after sex
    Cleaning your vaginal and anal regions before sexual activity can help prevent these illnesses.
    Additionally, urinate both before and after intercourse to help remove any bacteria from your system
    and prevent bladder infections.
  5. Maintain a balanced diet
    Healthy eating is crucial for bladder function. Constipation puts pressure on the surrounding tissues
    and impairs healthy bladder function, thus a diet heavy in fiber helps prevent it.
  6. Stop smoking
    We all know that smoking is injurious to health. Smokers are more likely to experience bladder issues.
    Smoking can also cause bladder issues. As per many research reports, smoking is one of the major
    reasons behind bladder problems.
  7. Drink less alcohol and caffeine
    The consumption of alcohol can often make bladder issues worse. The bladder can get troubled by
    caffeinated beverages which can exacerbate symptoms like the repeated or immediate need to
  8. Wear cotton underwear and garments that are loose-fitting

Clothes play the most important role in keeping the bladder healthy. Tight-fitting clothes are not
comfortable or healthy for the bladder. Keeping the urethra dry can be achieved by wearing loose,
cotton clothing.

  1. Go to the bathroom as needed
    Make sure you urinate every three to four hours at least. If you retain urine for a long time, your
    bladder muscles may weaken and you may become prone to bladder infections.
  2. After using the washroom, wipe them from front to back
    To prevent intestinal bacteria from entering the urethra, women should clean from front to back.
    Ideally, you should do this step after a bowel movement.

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