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Presence of swollen veins inside the anus or within the rectum is known as Piles. Irregular tissue growths are seen either inside the anus or around the anus. These tissue growths can cause discomfort in normal lifestyle. The size and location of such growths also varies.

Piles is often interchanged with the term hemorrhoids. It is of two types Internal and External. Internal Piles are present inside the rectum and in common cases are not visible at times of examination conducted externally. External Piles on the other hand occur outside the anus as a result of protrusion.

Grading of Internal Piles is done on a four point scale.

Grade 1: No observable symptoms are shown. Also, there is no protrusion taking place.

Grade 2: Piles or the hemorrhoids may bulge out of the anus but get back inside independently.

Grade 3: Piles bulge out from the anus and can only reside inside the anus with the help of manual intervention.

Grade 4: Piles bulge out from the anus to the outside and can not be pushed back or inside by the person.

Occurrence of little lumps is a result of external piles. They are itchy in nature and can lead to serious pain in the region associated.

Causes of Piles

  1. Lifting of heavy weights by gym enthusiasts.
  2. Persistent diarrhoea.
  3. Long-term constipation.

Treatment for Piles

At initial stages of piles, the doctor will ask the patient to make some changes in everyday activities.

Use of medicines will help in easing the discomfort. Medicines such as stool softeners, pain killers and corticosteroids are advised by the doctors.

In severe cases surgery is suggested by the doctors. We have the highly qualified doctor in Kota who are work oriented and very much committed to their jobs. They are empathetic with their patients which makes us the best hospital in Kota.  

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